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Aimed Co Medical Equipment

Aimed Co was established in 2010 in Athens by an experienced team, determined to introduce in the Greek market innovative medical products. The company imports and distributes a wide range of medical equipment and lifestyle products, focusing on the latest technology, patient comfortability and medical staff convenience.

Our aim is to ensure the highest level of representation of our collaborative manufactures, guarantee customers satisfaction and dedicate to the quality of our services. Aimed Co provides its customers with reliable support services and it is able to deliver its products on time according to their needs. We believe in mutual trust and long-term partnership. We devote ourselves to the increasing efficiency of our medical application services.

Our team comprises knowledgeable staff, proud to claim more than 15 years of experience in hospital care, a close collaboration with medical staff and excellent organizational skills. 

Our organization Aimed Co has established and maintains quality management system complies with the requirements of the ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001 : 2008.


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